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More books sold for publishers; more happy patrons for libraries.

About Peyton Stafford Associates

If you are a publisher or want to do business with libraries, we can create and implement a library services program for you. Through our network of independent publisher’s representatives, we can provide the highest level of professional representation throughout the USA and other world markets. In-person sales calls and exhibiting at school and library conferences are the most effective ways to market to libraries. We will be your presence in the public, academic and K-12 library communities. Our programs are creative, profitable and sustainable. They will bring you competitive advantage, additional revenue and new profitability in all library markets.

Peyton Stafford studied at Reed College. He holds a BA from Lewis and Clark College and an MA from The University of Chicago. He is a member of ALA, ASCLA and ISTE. His academic emphases were mathematics, English literature, Japanese language and culture, and contemplative religions in the post-modern world. His business focus has been on libraries since the 1980s.

Our clients in library program development have included Pacific Pipeline, Userful Corporation, ReadHowYouWant, and TotalBoox.

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Please contact us at peyton (at) peytonstafford (dot) com or phone +1 503.720.7149.

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